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"Individual requests for production and purchase of works" from Takayuki Takeya  ごくまれにではありますが、個人の方から作品制作のご依頼や作品の販売についての問い合わせをいただくことがあります。





In rare cases, we may receive inquiries from individuals about the production of works and sales of works.

This is a great honor for me. But unfortunately I can't accept it now.

I'm doing my best to do the work I'm currently doing... or I'm not quite able to do it by the deadline. Also, regarding the sale of non-mass production products (original works), I would like to do an exhibition with sales in mind in the near future.

That's why I'm still holding the work.

Although the plan has not been concreted yet, we will announce it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

when implementing it, so please thank you at that time.

                              Takayuki Takeya

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