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子兎 半透明樹脂成型








Rabbit translucent resin molding

This product is not made by Takayuki Takeya.

Originally, it was in Mr. Takeya's workshop, and it started with the idea of producing something that could be done, so the creators are not limited.

The prototype of this rabbit is "the replica closest to the living body", so I have never seen the prototype, but there was a silicon mold that I had taken in the warehouse.

As it is a replica of a living body,

The first mold was so elaborate that it had a beard. Like he was alive.

The molding is a translucent resin, and the color is flesh-colored and has a realistic taste.

If you are interested in the texture of the skin and the modeling of living organisms, this is a product that you should take a closer look at.

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