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子兎 6500円(税込価格7150円) + (着払いの送料)

全長約10mm, 全1パーツ×2体セット












Rabbit 6500 yen + shipping

Overall length about 10 mm, all 1 parts x 2 body set


(A garage kit that is molded from translucent colored resin, unpainted, and unassembled.


It was not modeled by Takayuki Takeya. The prototype is a replica {specimen} that is close to a living body. )



  • 発送は注文を受け付けてから、1〜2週間後を予定しております。日時は前後する可能性があります、ご了承ください。よろしくお願いします。

    Shipping is scheduled for 1-2 weeks after receiving the order. Please note that the date and time may change. thank you.

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